Ministry of Natural Resources, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency coordinate on clean-up of Kamarang, Upper Mazaruni, Region 7


UPPER MAZARUNI, Guyana – The Ministry of Natural Resources has again partnered with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a clean-up exercise, this time in Kamarang, Upper Mazaruni, Region 7 from March 1 – 4, 2017.

On March Wednesday March 1, 2017 a team comprising personnel from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the GGMC and the EPA departed Georgetown for Kamarang, Upper Mazaruni to coordinate the exercise under the project ‘A Clean Environment’.

Kamarang was chosen due to the existing garbage situation, which resulted from indiscriminate dumping in areas such as the edge of the airstrip and along the roadway leading to Waramadong. There was no specific dumping site in existence for garbage at Kamarang, hence the team had to identify, organise and establish a suitable dumpsite for the community.

As part of the project, 30 bins were distributed to the community of Kamarang. Previous such campaigns were held in Itaballi, Mazaruni, Region 7, during October 2016 and in Port Kaituma, North West, Region 1, during December 2016. The Ministry of Natural Resources had also done clean-up campaigns in five communities: Bartica, Port Kaituma, Kwakwani and Good Hope and held a Best Kept School competition in Region 5.

The Mines Division of the GGMC also provided support for the clean-up through Jason Reid, the Mines Ranger stationed at Kamarang. Other administrative support came from members of the Kamarang/Warawatta Village Council, led by the Village Councillor, Ms Clare Simon, who was the councillor responsible for sanitation and welfare at Kamarang.

The clean-up exercises are scheduled to be an integral part of the GGMC’s work programme and budget for 2017, in keeping with the Green Economy envisaged by the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and good environmental stewardship on the part of the Commission. Mining communities targeted in the 2017 Clean-Up Guyana project are Baramita, Marudi, Mahdia and other mining districts where 150 bins are to be distributed.

The Ministry of Natural Resources sees the project as an appropriate fit into its mandate to ensure that communities in mining districts are maintained in an environmentally responsible manner not only for the preservation of the natural environment but also of human health.

At a community meeting held on March 3, 2017 during the visit to Kamarang, the team following interactions with members of the community recommended that the pick-up and disposal of garbage at the site should be more organised; that the EPA send a team to the area to train suitable persons from within the Kamarang Landing and the Village Council to become supernumerary litter wardens; and that further clean up along the road side leading to Waramadong area should be done.

The Ministry of Natural Resources will be working with the community of Kamarang and the Ministry of Health to ensure the proper disposal of medical waste.

March 9, 2017


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