Ministry of Natural Resources rejects mischievous and false article carried on dubious news outlet


GEORGETOWN, Guyana – The Ministry of Natural Resources takes umbrage with a false and mischievous publication of an article headlined ‘$20 million dollar bribe allegedly pass to allow for the operation of a single oil and gas school’, published yesterday Tuesday April 11, 2017 in an online media outlet calling itself ‘Guyana Guardian’.

The Ministry of Natural Resources repudiates the contents of this reportage as false, baseless, groundless and bereft of an iota of truth. We have been guided that the allegations contained therein are libellous and defamatory in addition to being false and can potentially damage the image of the Ministry of Natural Resources and its Ministers and staff. In fact, every attempt to locate and identify the existence of persons named in the report proved futile and the Ministry welcomes an opportunity to meet with them.

We strongly believe that the report is meant to cause mischief and to divert attention from an operation calling itself ‘Guyana Oil and Gas Academy’. It is no mere coincidence that ‘Guyana Guardian’ shares a physical address with ‘Guyana Oil and Gas Academy’, which is 328 3rd Floor, Sharon’s Building, Charlotte and King Streets, Georgetown.

We continue to urge the public to be wary of any institution for which little information can be found and purporting to offer oil and gas courses. The Ministry of Education remains the sole accreditation authority for any academic institution seeking to offer courses in Guyana and persons are asked to register their interest there.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is currently in consultation with its legal department with a view to addressing the contents of the ‘Guyana Guardian’ article.

April 12, 2017

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