Earth Day 2017 by Honourable Raphael Trotman, Minister of Natural Resources

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The Ministry of Natural Resources marks the observance of Earth Day 2017 today Saturday April 22, 2017 under the theme “Environmental and Climate Literacy” by reflecting on our deep sense of duty to the country’s people and its natural environment. By the very nature of the activities involved, the extractive sectors can impact the natural environment and human development if not properly managed.

Thus, in the execution of its responsibility of overseeing development within the natural resources sector, the Ministry of Natural Resources is tasked with a significant  responsibility to develop, implement and oversee policies for the responsible sustainable exploration, development and utilization of the nation’s natural resources. This must occur in tandem with the protection and conservation of the environment.

It is for this reason that the Ministry takes very seriously its responsibilities to the natural environment and the people of Guyana by working to ensure that legislation and regulations governing the mining, forestry and the oil and gas sector all have strong environmental safeguards as environmental protection is critical for the sustainable extraction of the natural resources to the benefit of the country and its people.  The education of stakeholders on the value of these safeguards and their shared responsibility in ensuring their implementation is key to the success of our sustainable development drive.

We continue to work to ensure that the people of Guyana benefit from the natural resources of the country in a way that respects the environment.


Happy Earth Day to all!

April 22, 2017

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