Ministry of Natural Resources advancing the work of the administrative side of the petroleum sector; commences staffing of new Petroleum Department

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Following public advertising of vacancies for the Petroleum Department, the Ministry of Natural Resources has commenced the process of hiring for the newly established division.

Mr Nicholas A. Chuck-A-Sang, a Petroleum Engineer and Petroleum Geologist by training, has been hired to the position of Deputy Director of the Petroleum Division. A Legal Officer and a Petroleum Geologist have also been hired for the Department.

Efforts are being made the fill the other vacancies advertised for the Petroleum Department as the Ministry moves apace with preparing for oil and gas.

Additionally work has started on preparing a Local Content Policy with the engagement of Trinidadian oil and gas expert Mr Anthony Paul who was instrumental in preparing a rapid assessment of the petroleum sector under UNDP consultancy. He is to return shortly to continue his assistance to Guyana on local content and to lend support to the private sector.

Furthermore, the Ministry has been given approval for the appointment of Ms Jacqueline E. Khoury, a Liberian oil and gas professional, who will be working with the Ministry in an advisory capacity. Ms Khoury was part of a Chatham House and Commonwealth Secretariat delegation that came late last year to look at Guyana’s regulatory and legal architecture for the oil and gas sector.

The Ministry will continue to press ahead with preparations in Guyana’s oil and gas sector.  The public will continue to be updated as advancements are made, particularly through the Ministry’s community outreaches. We welcome your feedback and questions as we seek to successfully develop our oil and gas industry.

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