Plans underway to allocate lands to mining syndicates, regularize mining in the Marudi Mountain

July 18, 2017, Georgetown, Guyana – Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman and Officers of the Ministry of Natural Resources, recently met  with Senior Management of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to receive updates and to advance plans for the allocation of mining lands to Syndicates and to regularize mining in the Marudi Mountain, Rupununi area.

During the meeting GGMC officials shared that mining blocks are available for distribution through the mining syndicates initiative; which was introduced as a response to pleas from small miners to have more access to lands for mining. Further, the Minister was apprised that plans are moving apace to process and grant permits for several of the available blocks by September, 2017. Minister Trotman, while noting the progress in making lands available to syndicates, emphasized the importance of order and strong systems being put in place to ensure protection of the environment in keeping with Guyana’s green economy path. GGMC officials were also reminded of the government’s policy of ensuring that the lands awarded had a fair chance of mineral recovery; thus boosting the return on the miners’ investment.

GGMC Commissioner and Officers also shared that despite some setbacks, caused mainly by inclement weather, plans to regularize mining in the Marudi Mountain are moving ahead and the agency is working to ensure that the areas which miners will occupy are safe and habitable. Minister Trotman thanked GGMC for the update and stressed the importance of ensuring miners are treated with dignity throughout the process; whilst ensuring that the company Romanex Inc. was given every opportunity to conduct it’s operations with minimum interruption. The Minister also urged officials to work assiduously to explore options and to find a longer term and sustainable solution to mining in the Rupununi district.


At the end of the discussions the Minister expressed satisfaction with the overall progress made and urged a speeding up of efforts to conclude objectives in both areas.

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Natural Resources and its agencies remains committed to advancing efforts to ensure that mining is done in a safe and sustainable manner in keeping with the laws of Guyana and encourages all miners to remain committed to working together with Government to realize the gains that are envisioned for the sector.


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