Minister Trotman visits Troy Resources mine site

DPI, Guyana, Monday, June 25, 2018

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman today visited Australian gold mining company Troy Resources to observe its operations and discuss the company’s production targets.

The visit to the site at Karouni in Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) came as the government moves to redouble its efforts to support the mining sector and on the heels of an inter-ministerial consultation held with the industry last week.

Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman, MP. greets Troy Resources’ CEO, Ken Nilsson

Minister Trotman observes operation at a mining pit at Karouni.

Mining operations at Karouni

Minister Trotman said the government has been engaging the mining sector at all levels as it is seeking higher gold output: “What we want in government is higher productions, but we want to know that is being done in a safe and sustainable manner. Coming to this company and having visited the Aurora gold mines recently, we look for those international standards and best practices and we’ve seen them here.”

Reports from the company today suggested that there are some challenges with the current weather pattern which is affecting the retrieving of the ore. There are also complaints about illegal mining, and of loggers destroying the roads.

“We need to hear, to work with them to ensure that we have high yields, but that these yields are done in a safe and sustainable manner. We are pleased with what we are seeing. We pledge to redouble our efforts to work with them some more. We will have some more in-office meetings to follow up and discuss how production can remain on target,” Minister Trotman said.

Troy Resources’ Chief Executive Officer, Ken Nilsson said projections for production will be about 60,000 to 70,000 ounces per year, with just about a year and a half of reserves remaining. The company is now focusing on converting some other resources into reserves and is stepping up its exploration.

Nilsson said the company is also currently reducing the number of its experts and is training local employees to take up operations. According to Nilsson, there are about 35 indigenous Guyanese that are working in various capacities within the company. However, the overall count stands at 90 percent.

Troy Resources also stands as a “good neighbor” to nearby communities and according to Nilsson, provides medical and medivac services to the communities.

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