Press Release – Ministry of Natural Resources advances green agenda in Berbice

MNR, Monday October 15, 2018

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) today continued its seedling and infant tree donation and planting exercise in observance of Agriculture Month 2018. Led by MNR Environment Project Officer, Dr. Latchmin Punallal and her team, the exercise benefitted the towns of New Amsterdam, Rose Hall, and Corriverton.

The exercise began at Berbice High School and the New Amsterdam Secondary where Dr. Punalall addressed the students and teachers. She explained that the project comes as part of the green initiative of the Ministry and country, and entails planting life-sustaining trees in the communities and the green spaces.

She went on to encourage those present to care for the plants in order to reap the benefits when the time comes. The donations were greatly appreciated by the students and teachers, who assured the team of their commitment of tending to the valuable plant donations.

Thereafter, the team headed to Rose Hall Municipality to conduct same and participate in the planting of the plants. This was observed by representatives of the Guyana Police Force, Office of the Prime Minister, the Mayor and Town Council and students and teachers of the J.C Chandisingh, Lower Corentyne, and Port Mourant Secondary Schools. The students received on behalf of their schools one infant fruit tree per school. They also received seedlings which they ensured Dr. Punalall of their pledge to caring them, therefore ensuring the green agenda is achieved.

Mayor of Rose Hall, Vijay Kumar Ramoo expressed gratitude for the donations towards the town and noted that his office will continue to assist as the town pushes to realise the green agenda. He further noted that a collective effort is needed to achieve such, and he is willing to partner with the Ministry at any given time to do so.

The team then headed to Corriverton and made its final donation to the Mayor and Town Council there. In the presence of the Mayor, Krishand Jaichand and Town Clerk Narendra Sukram, the team planted infant coconut plants among others in the areas outlined.

The Ministry of Natural Resources remains committed to ensuring life sustaining trees are planted in the communities across Guyana. As the exercise continues, the team will head to Linden and Kwakwani on October 25 and 26 respectively.

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