World Water Day 2019 Message

Message from Hon. Raphael G.C. Trotman, MP on the observance of World Water Day, 2019

Water is life. 2019’s awareness-raising observances of this tremendously important resource are being held under the theme “Leave no one behind”.

We are reminded to be continually cognizant that while 71% of the earth’s surface is water only a little more than 1% of this resource is accessible fresh water. Therefore, its management, use and scarcity are matters for daily concern.  The United Nations estimates that some 2.1 billion people lack access to safe water in their homes.

This year’s theme brings into sharp focus the work that is still to be done to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6: ensuring availability and sustainably managed water [and sanitation] for all by 2030, in the context of growing demand, climate change implications and the myriad of challenges to access for vulnerable groups including children, the poor, the displaced and the disabled.

In Guyana, we are blessed with what can be considered a bounty of fresh water, as our country is aptly known as ‘The Land of Many Waters’. However, harnessing this gift for the benefit of all remains a challenge that this government has been facing head on and making great strides in surmounting.

Significantly improved management of our water resources has over the past 4 years resulted in a broadening of areas of access to include more rural and hinterland communities. Partnerships have brought forth innovative solutions to severe weather conditions such as droughts experienced in our hinterland communities and have seen the creation of a 4.5 million cubic meter capacity reservoir in Nappi village, Region 9, and numerous new wells in far flung communities.

Access for all and the sustainable management of our water resources remain an achievable goal. However, by the very fluid nature of water supply, targeted action must be redoubled to ensure those who need it most are considered, consulted and granted access, and the right to water for all remains paramount.
Today, we at the Ministry of Natural Resources recommit to these principles, as we contribute to managing this vital resource.

Let’s work together to leave no one behind.

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