Press Release – Objectives of Ministry’s “IN-STEP” initiative materialized

The Ministry of Natural Resources’ collaborative Industrial Skills Training Enhancement Programme (INSTEP) with the GUYSUCO Training Centre- Port Mourant (GTCPM) has continued to see it’s aims being materialized.

The programme which exposed participants to 10-hour weekly training programmes in the courses of Basic Motor Vehicle Services and Minor Repairs, Basic Welding and Fabrication, Basic Refrigeration and Basic Electrical Installation ran from June 22- September 8, 2018.

With the completion of the succession report by the GTCPM, it is with pleasure that the Ministry notes that the programme’s expected outcomes have been achieved as many of the eighty-six graduates who benefitted from the four skill enhancement courses have become employed while others have proceeded to further their education in various fields.

The employment areas include welding and fabrication, construction, mechanics, agriculture, manufacturing and production among others.

The partnership, upon its initiation, was intended to build the capacity of former workers from the four decommissioned estates and other residents of Berbice, by retooling them with alternative skills. This held the expectation to generally increase the eligibility of said persons for their reintegration into the labour market and further expand their reach to have them support the direct and indirect services of the rising oil and gas sector, mining, agriculture, and other economic sectors.

The Ministry is pleased to have facilitated this collaborative capacity building project and to have aided in the enhancement of the participants’ skills and their eventual reorientation in the labour market. We further commend the graduates for their incredible resilience and their determination to develop themselves in this regard. The Ministry also looks forward to receiving more reports which capture the progress that the participants continue to make since their completion of the project.

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