Press Release – Ministry of Natural Resources updates on action on dragga at Parabara Village

Press Release

Ministry of Natural Resources updates on action on dragga at Parabara Village

Acknowledging the concerns of the South Rupununi District Council (SRDC) regarding the presence of a ‘dragga’ at the Parabara Village in South Rupununi, the Ministry wishes to offer an update on the steps made so far for the structure’s removal.

Upon immediate awareness of the structure’s presence, an investigation was launched by the Ministry and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission which saw the issuing of an Order to Remove in June, 2019. A follow up visit was made in late August. During the visit Mining Engineer Donnell Perry and Mines Officer Nial Gravesande observed one river dredge parked on the left side of the Kuyuwini River. There were no signs of disturbance of the river banks or turbid water and the dredge showed no signs of being worked recently. On the part of the GGMC and the Ministry, there is evidence from pictures of the dredge and the observance that the dredge has not operated.

However, the visit also revealed that there was no fuel present and there was insufficient skilled manpower to effect immediate removal of the dredge from the location.

Most recently (September 10th), a meeting was held between the operator and the GGMC whereby the operator indicated that arrangements were made to move the dredge by shipping fuel into the area. However, the fuel supply which was temporarily stored at Couradinau was lost to a mysterious fire. Another shipment has since been mobilised.

Should this not be done in the agreed time, the GGMC will employ its own expertise and resources and effect removal of the structure.

The Ministry and the GGMC wishes to inform the public that the matter is under the control of both agencies and that the threat of imminent mining as suggested is not substantiated on the ground.


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