Press Release – Minister Trotman donates boat and engine to Buxtonians

                                                                Press Release

Minister Trotman donates boat and engine to Buxtonians

The Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman, in fulfilling a commitment to Buxton village has made a donation of a boat and engine for usage by the farmers in the community. The donation was made on September 26th, 2019 at the Buxton Tipperary Hall to a group of residents, now formed into a committee, which will ensure that the boat is cared for and used by the community.

In addressing the residents Minister Trotman noted that the boat, and engine, which was a partnered donation between the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Ministry, is to assist the farmers with transporting their produce in and out of the backdam. The Minister further noted that the boat was requested during an outreach to the area and the two agencies worked towards procuring one in the soonest timeframe. He went on to urge that great care be taken when using the boat and that the group be responsible going forward since it will be shared. Each year, the Ministry and GGMC provide support to communities that have a strong presence in the mining sector.

Speaking on behalf of the committee, the Chairman of Tipperary Hall Mr. Victor Graham, thanked the Minister for the donation noting that the committee is grateful for all the work that being done, not only with the donation, but in the natural resources sector.

“This is something that we will remember and that our children will remember for years to come since it will be documented at this hall.” Mr. Graham said.

The Minister is pleased to have been able to assist the residents by providing this item which was requested to carry about their daily operations. He expresses his appreciation to the GGMC for their continued support to the citizens of Guyana. He again urges that great care be taken in operating the donation. The village of Buxton, and the lower East Coast, have a long and proud history of sending their sons and daughters to work in the natural resources sector.

Minister Trotman sees it as his duty to assist wherever possible, to allow Guyanese to better their communities and experience the good life promised by the APNU+AFC government.

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