Press Release – Minister Trotman meets with Terna Impex LLP delegation

                                                             Press Release

Minister Trotman meets with Terna Impex LLP delegation

The Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman on Wednesday 2nd October held a meeting with a delegation of businessmen from India who are interested in mining, energy and the agricultural sectors. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Natural Resources. Accompanying the Minister were senior staff of the Ministry and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission.

High Commissioner of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in India HE Dr. David Goldwin Pollard facilitated the visit of the delegation who were representatives of Terna Impex LLP, an Indian machinery and equipment company. The Company director, Mr. Balasaheb Kadam and team members comprised the remainder of the delegation.

The discussions were centred on the company’s proposal to invest in the mining sector through a cooperative approach. This specifically relates to mining with small scale Guyanese miners and land owners. The overall intention indicated by Mr. Kadam is to have a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby equipment manufactured in India would be utilised by small and artisanal scale miners in Guyana.

Minister Trotman welcomed the approach and identified the necessary channels that must be taken in moving forward. He maintained that an investment in the people of Guyana is always welcomed and that the Government would support a pilot project on mercury-free mining. He has agreed to arrange meetings with the various mining bodies to further discussions with the company.

The Minister thanks the High Commissioner and the company members for the visit. He notes that the investment in the sector is most welcomed and looks forward to hearing more after the formal channels are followed. In the interim, the Minister has made available, staff of the GGMC to assist in offering advice.

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