Press Release – Initial Ministry of Natural Resources Public Day Completed

– Minister of Natural Resources expresses thanks to stakeholders for cooperation

The Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Vickram Bharrat M.P., today concluded his first ‘Public Day’ hosted at his Duke Street Office. The Minister, along with his team comprising of senior Ministry staff and Heads of Agencies, have been able to facilitate several persons with matters of concern regarding the Natural Resources Sector.

Minister Bharrat noted the significant importance of such engagement with stakeholders and highlighted that matters raised will be addressed accordingly and in a timely manner.
Current COVID-19 guidelines would not allow for a full public day, however, Minister Bharrat wishes to underscore that this will be a regular feature of the Ministry under his stewardship, as he aims at ensuring accountability, transparency, and an open-door policy within the sector. He expresses thanks to those who have cooperated and looks forward to more meaningful engagement with the sector’s stakeholders.

Persons interested in participating in the public day are strongly encouraged to make an appointment by contacting the Ministry at 231-2509-11 ext 229.


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