605, 2019

Press Release – MOU Signed between Government of Guyana and National Service of Geology and Mining Government of the Republic of Chile

Santiago, Chile: Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman today, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chile´s Minister of Mining Hon. Baldo Prokurica and the National Service of Geology and Mining of the Government of the Republic of Chile (SERNAGEOMIN). The Memorandum provides a framework for the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge and the augmentation of scientific and technical capabilities of the GGMC and SERNAGEOMIN with respect to Earth Sciences and Mining. “The signing of this MoU brings to fruition areas discussed when His Excellency, President David Granger visited Chile two years ago. We look to Chile as a good example for productive and safe mining practices and how the proceeds of mining can be utilized for the benefit of the citizens. This relationship between Guyana and Chile will benefit our people immensely and we can look to no better example than Chile of how to do it properly.” - Hon. [...]

505, 2019

Press Release – Clarifications on ongoing GGMC enforcement operations at Marudi Mountain, Region 9, and Tassawini, Region 1.

The Ministry of Natural Resources wishes to give clarifications on the enforcement exercises currently under execution at Marudi Mountain and Tassawini. Particularly the Ministry wishes to highlight the nature of the operations; why they became necessary and their overall objectives. Marudi Mountain’s Enforcement The operation began on May 1st, 2019 with a team of officers headed by GGMC Senior Engineer, Trevor Hurry along with three members of the Ministry’s Corps of Wardens and four members of the Guyana Police Force. This was in response to major deviations from the ‘Mediation of the Marudi Mountain Dispute Agreement’ of 2016. In April 2016, the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman on behalf of the Government of Guyana had intervened in a standoff between small miners from the Marudi Mountain area, representatives of Indigenous communities, and Romanex Guyana Exploration Limited. The Minister had facilitated a mediation process resulting in all parties signing [...]

2904, 2019

Media Statement – Guyana’s first EITI Report to be presented to Cabinet

Minister of Natural Resources Hon Raphael Trotman today received Guyana’s Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) First Report. The Ministry of Natural Resources is the lead agency with responsibility for the implementation of Guyana’s EITI. Preparation of the report was initiated by the Ministry through the GYEITI as it seeks to bring transparency to the country’s extractive industries. The Report will be presented to Cabinet this week. Guyana’s obligations under EITI mandated that the country’s first report be presented by April 25, 2019. “For a country like Guyana where the bedrock of our economy is the extractive industries, this is very important… This has been a steady process. We trust that this is the part of the journey to full transparency. The Government is fully committed to this. – Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman EITI is the global standard for the good governance of oil, gas and mineral resources. [...]

2604, 2019

Press Release – Minister of Natural Resources addresses issues of Calcutta residents

As the Government of Guyana continues its outreach efforts, the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman yesterday visited the village of Calcutta, Region 5, to address the pressing issues of its residents. During the visit, upon the request of the residents, Minister Trotman conducted a walk-through inspection of the Calcutta Dam road and identified the area for a proposed bridge to be constructed across the Belamy Canal. With the northern side lands currently being inaccessible, the bridge is expected to facilitate crossing by residents and better their daily business operations. The Minister has since indicated to the residents his interest in assisting with this, providing that that a local village contractor be selected to produce an estimate for the bridge's construction. Thereafter the Minister held a community meeting at the Calcutta Community Center, where several residents were present and raised their matters and concerns. Among these were issues relating [...]

1104, 2019

Press Release – Objectives of Ministry’s “IN-STEP” initiative materialized

The Ministry of Natural Resources’ collaborative Industrial Skills Training Enhancement Programme (INSTEP) with the GUYSUCO Training Centre- Port Mourant (GTCPM) has continued to see it’s aims being materialized. The programme which exposed participants to 10-hour weekly training programmes in the courses of Basic Motor Vehicle Services and Minor Repairs, Basic Welding and Fabrication, Basic Refrigeration and Basic Electrical Installation ran from June 22- September 8, 2018. With the completion of the succession report by the GTCPM, it is with pleasure that the Ministry notes that the programme’s expected outcomes have been achieved as many of the eighty-six graduates who benefitted from the four skill enhancement courses have become employed while others have proceeded to further their education in various fields. The employment areas include welding and fabrication, construction, mechanics, agriculture, manufacturing and production among others. The partnership, upon its initiation, was intended to build the capacity of former workers from [...]

904, 2019

European Delegation Visits the Minister of Natural Resources

The Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael G.C Trotman today met with the eleven member European Delegation which has indicated great interest in Guyana's development. During the wide reaching meeting, the parties engaged in discussion pertaining to matters of state, national security, environment, mining, and governance. The Minister is pleased to have been able to interact and further the country's interests with the high level delegation. Both the Minister and Ministry looks forward to future collaborations with the European Union.

404, 2019

Press Release – Manari Bypass Road to officially open April 6th

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure are set to officially open the Manari Bypass in Rupununi Region 9 on Saturday, April 6th, 2019. This comes as the road alignment project has been successfully completed and is deemed ready for official use. Prior to the road project, several accidents and fatalities continued to occur at the Manari Bridge. Consequently, the Government of Guyana gave a commitment to eliminate the dangerous curve approaching this specific area by re-aligning the road, therefore, removing the dangers and preserving human life. The project, costing over $83M was awarded to JR Ranch Inc. which is well known in the region for doing outstanding work. It saw over 20,000 cubic meters of fill material being used to raise the road to a reasonable elevation to mitigate the negative effects of flooding and landslides that are common in the generally flat terrain of [...]

404, 2019

Letter to the Editor – Response to Stabroek News letter to the Editor (3/4/2019)

Dear Editor, An April 3rd, 2019 Stabroek News letter to the editor headlined “Mining in Marudi area remains major problem, gov’t must take action” has come to the attention of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The letter written by Chief Kokoi Tony James A.A contains several imprecisions and relies on an obvious misunderstanding. It highlights an issue of mining in the Marudi area and further states that permission for this mining has been given by the Minister of Natural Resources and claims a disregard of the residents of the village of Aishalton in consultation. These statements are the furthest from the truth. The Ministry kindly wishes to correct these inaccuracies and further reassure readers of the Government of Guyana’s commitment to processes of consultation and adherence of laws. Firstly, contrary to the article the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman did not give permission to any miner to conduct [...]

2503, 2019

Press Release – Ministry of Natural Resources responds to resurfaced defamatory social media video

The Ministry of Natural Resources notes the resurgence of a social media video which attempts to implicate the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman in a mining land bribe scandal. The Ministry wishes to advise the public that since the video’s initial surfacing in 2017, representatives of the Toroparu Syndicate making these spurious and unfounded claims have visited the Ministry and apologized for the slander and trouble caused after it was pointed out from documents made available that the lands in issue were allocated many months before the Syndicate even came into existence and applied for them. The video is now present on the PPP affiliated Facebook page “Live in Guyana” which clearly has an agenda against the Government of Guyana and its agencies and seeks to sway citizens from the virtuous work being done. The Ministry again urges all to not believe the falsehoods being made by this [...]