Environmental Management in the Mining Sector – WWF

In 2013, a grant agreement was signed between World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).  Through this grant, the WWF has provided the GGMC with financial and technical support for the purpose of national capacity building through education and awareness activities, baseline studies and training of stakeholders within the gold mining sector.

One of the targeted areas is the development of a National Action Plan for phasing out mercury use in Guyana and in addition, updating the Codes of Practices. With the support received, the GGMC has mapped the mercury distribution flows that currently exist in Guyana. These assessments and technical reports will inform the baselines, targets and timelines of the National Action Plan. Conservation International-Guyana in partnership with the GGDMA and in coordination with the GGMC has begun implementing a programme to advance green development of the mining sector by enhancing efficiency, reducing pressure on the environment, and improving livelihoods. The programme will focus on (i) promotion of low-impact prospecting and efficient technologies and practices, (ii) integrated natural resource management planning for mining areas, (iii) phasing out mercury use by engaging businesses and other actors within the gold mining supply chain.

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