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About the Programme

The Youth in Natural Resources Apprenticeship programme will give young people the opportunity to experience Guyana’s interior regions, learn about the natural resources sector and job opportunities in these sectors.

Participants will travel through Guyana’s dense rainforest to mining camps in Regions Two and Seven seeing for themselves how precious and semi-precious minerals are extracted from the earth.

They will interact with mentors and professionals who will share their knowledge and experiences of working in extractive industries including in the oil and gas sector.

Youth participants will be able to establish corporate links through networking with the businesses in the sector and be enrolled a Youth Ambassadors for the Natural Resources. They will be given the opportunity to participate in the annual Geology and Mines Commission week of activities that focus on the mining sector.


To make this programme possible, the Ministry of Natural Resources is collaborating with a number of agencies including  IWOKRAMA, Guyana Gold Fields, Troy Resources, Wood Tech Sawmilling, ExxonMobil, MACORP, CGX, University of Guyana Science and Technology Department and Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Guyana Technical Institute, Protected Areas Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana School of Agriculture, NAREI, African Business Roundtable, Guyana Forestry Commission, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and Gold Board to name a few.  Partnerships with these companies and entities will ensure youths benefit from training through:

  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Shore Base Logistics
  • Introduction and understanding of GPS and or GIS Technology
  • Overview of value addition to Lesser Species Wood and sawmill production packaging and marketing techniques
  • Operations and best practices of the Guyana Forestry Commission
  • Land reclamation and environmental best practices in NR sector
  • Understanding heavy duty machinery in mining, Bobcat and Telehandler simulation training
  • The practice of Industrial Plumbing and Welding Techniques used in the NR Sector
  • The principals of Crop and Soil Science with emphasis on Shade House Techniques
  • Educational tours of medium and largescale mining of gold, sand& precious stones
  • Understanding MNR compliance and the functioning of the Petroleum Department
  • Overview of The Ministry of natural resources policies
  • Community Development Activities
  • The basics of Corporate Communications and Media Relations
  • Importance of Science and Technology in effectively managing our resources

MNR 2018 youth Apprenticeship programme allows for the re-engagement of previous apprentices with the current batch which will contributes to positive teen bonding, and the making of NR Ambassadors.

MNR youths will continuously be engaged and trained in various areas even after the programme would have been completed as they prepare for other non-sector jobs and green small business ventures as they transition into adulthood.

The Experience – A look back at 2017

The internship program is a program designed to give youths like myself and others a chance to explore Guyana’s Beauty in a fun and educational way.

On August 12th 2017 we visited IWOKRAMA in Region 8 where we were introduced to the environment … and learnt about different trees such as Greenheart, Bulletwood and Nibi.

Ruth Andrews, Apprentice

Wednesday 16th August 2017 my first time in an airplane to meet to Guyana Gold Fields Mining Site.. my experience terrifying but wouldn’t be my last.

Ziona Mc Pherson, Apprentice

I was a participant along with 12 other adolescence ..ages 15 to 19.  The aim of this program is to revive the negativity connected to the extractive sector.”  “We visited Linden bauxite mining company. In order to get there …after lunch we started travelling from 7:00am…we looked down from each hill which we drove and saw houses appearing very tiny…we witnessed the mining for bauxite…and the variety of uses bauxite has, and disadvantage of improper bauxite mining.

Noel Sukhai, Apprentice

The youth Apprenticeship programme provide youths from varying backgrounds an opportunity to participate in and experience extractive industries practices in both mining and forestry.  The programme consisted of educational tours, leadership training, mining week activities and field experiences in varying administrative regions.

Fatima Karim, Apprentice

This programme helped us see that there is virtue in extractive industries, to be engaged more with the environment and help us develop our career paths.

Jeanelle Ramadhar, Apprentice

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