806, 2019

Press Release – Late Kwakwani stalwart Mr. Charles Alexander Thom given grand farewell

The outstanding community leader and stalwart of Kwakwani, Mr. Charles Alexander Thom was hailed as a hero as he was laid to rest on June 7th. The Friday farewell ceremony held in his Kwakwani community recognized him as a noteworthy contributor to the development of the community and one who touched the lives of many. This was evident by the presence of hundreds of converged at the Community Ground to bid him farewell. Among Mr. Thom’s farewell attendees were his family and friends along with his many colleagues. Also in attendance were the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman, Member of Parliament (M.P) Hon. Audwin Rutherford, Deputy Commissioner of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) Gavin Agard, and members of the GFC Board. Mr. Thom received many moving tributes from community members, his children, and a few of his colleagues. Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Minister [...]

806, 2019

Press Release – Kwakwani Secondary receives 15 new computers

In what was termed a memorable moment by Headteacher Pamela Adrian, the Kwakwani Secondary School on June 7th opened its computer lab outfitted with fifteen new computer systems and air conditioning to the students of the school. The aforementioned are donations from Mr. Rahaman Razac of R. Razac Business and Enterprise, and stand part of his Corporate Social Responsibility to the community. Mr. Razac is currently involved in the logging industry in Kwakwani and as mandated by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), large loggers must contribute in meaningful ways to the areas in which they operate. According to the Headteacher, the donation evidences Mr. Razac’s understanding of making technology an embraceable tool to use in classrooms, and they now allow the students to experience the era of digital explosion and develop their minds. While noting her gratefulness, she also thanked the GFC and the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael [...]

2105, 2019

Press Release – Ministry of Natural Resources reiterates Cabinet’s direction on Task Force

Task Force established for the reorganizing and restructuring of the Guyana Forestry Commission The Ministry of Natural Resources has taken note of the letters and commentaries regarding the functioning of the task force and wishes to reiterate the Cabinet's direction on this matter. In view of the national objective of moving towards a 'green' economy and the consequent realignment of critical agencies of State, Cabinet has approved a proposal for the restructuring of the Guyana Forestry Commission. Consequently, a Task Force has been established jointly between the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Board of Directors of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) to address the reorganising and restructuring of the Forestry Commission. The Task Force will include the technical and administrative talent and personnel of the MNR, the Board, and the Commission who will examine the structure and functioning of the GFC to make recommendations to the Minister of [...]

2005, 2019

Press Release – Mining Lotteries to be held in Port Kaituma and Bartica

The Ministry of Natural Resources is continuing to ensure the fair distribution of mining lands by hosting two additional mining lotteries of Medium Scale blocks. These are set to be held at Port Kaituma on May 24, 2019, and at Bartica on June 14, 2019, and will be the second and third lotteries held thus far in fulfilment of Minister, Hon. Raphael Trotman's promise to small miners. The first lottery exercise was held in Georgetown and had seen over 200 persons benefitting. The advancement of these lotteries has been facilitated by the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman to allow small miners within the districts who have applied for mining lands to now have a chance to access available mining properties. The Minister has specifically indicated for the lotteries to be district specific and is pleased to have been able to keep his commitment to the persons of the [...]

2005, 2019

Press Release – Minister Trotman discusses Guyana Gold Board (Amendment) Bill 2019 with GGB, gold dealers and natural resources sector stakeholders

The Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman today met with the Guyana Gold Board (GGB) along with gold dealers and mining organizations to discuss the amendments to the Guyana Gold Board Act. During the meeting, the Minister made a presentation of the Guyana Gold Board (Amendment) Bill 2019 which seeks to amend the Guyana Gold Board Act, Cap. 66:01 and certain provisions of the Tax Act, Cap 80:01 in an effort to strengthen the regulating regime of the gold trade. This would, as a result, allow the successful execution of the provisions of the Act and therefore improve transparency, accountability and the efficiency of the GGB in carrying out its business in relation to the purchase and sale of gold. After making his presentation, the Minister opened the floor to the gold dealers, stakeholders, and the GGB to have discussions on the bill for them to raise concerns and [...]

605, 2019

Press Release – MOU Signed between Government of Guyana and National Service of Geology and Mining Government of the Republic of Chile

Santiago, Chile: Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman today, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chile´s Minister of Mining Hon. Baldo Prokurica and the National Service of Geology and Mining of the Government of the Republic of Chile (SERNAGEOMIN). The Memorandum provides a framework for the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge and the augmentation of scientific and technical capabilities of the GGMC and SERNAGEOMIN with respect to Earth Sciences and Mining. “The signing of this MoU brings to fruition areas discussed when His Excellency, President David Granger visited Chile two years ago. We look to Chile as a good example for productive and safe mining practices and how the proceeds of mining can be utilized for the benefit of the citizens. This relationship between Guyana and Chile will benefit our people immensely and we can look to no better example than Chile of how to do it properly.” - Hon. [...]

505, 2019

Press Release – Clarifications on ongoing GGMC enforcement operations at Marudi Mountain, Region 9, and Tassawini, Region 1.

The Ministry of Natural Resources wishes to give clarifications on the enforcement exercises currently under execution at Marudi Mountain and Tassawini. Particularly the Ministry wishes to highlight the nature of the operations; why they became necessary and their overall objectives. Marudi Mountain’s Enforcement The operation began on May 1st, 2019 with a team of officers headed by GGMC Senior Engineer, Trevor Hurry along with three members of the Ministry’s Corps of Wardens and four members of the Guyana Police Force. This was in response to major deviations from the ‘Mediation of the Marudi Mountain Dispute Agreement’ of 2016. In April 2016, the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman on behalf of the Government of Guyana had intervened in a standoff between small miners from the Marudi Mountain area, representatives of Indigenous communities, and Romanex Guyana Exploration Limited. The Minister had facilitated a mediation process resulting in all parties signing [...]

2904, 2019

Media Statement – Guyana’s first EITI Report to be presented to Cabinet

Minister of Natural Resources Hon Raphael Trotman today received Guyana’s Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) First Report. The Ministry of Natural Resources is the lead agency with responsibility for the implementation of Guyana’s EITI. Preparation of the report was initiated by the Ministry through the GYEITI as it seeks to bring transparency to the country’s extractive industries. The Report will be presented to Cabinet this week. Guyana’s obligations under EITI mandated that the country’s first report be presented by April 25, 2019. “For a country like Guyana where the bedrock of our economy is the extractive industries, this is very important… This has been a steady process. We trust that this is the part of the journey to full transparency. The Government is fully committed to this. – Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman EITI is the global standard for the good governance of oil, gas and mineral resources. [...]

2604, 2019

Press Release – Minister of Natural Resources addresses issues of Calcutta residents

As the Government of Guyana continues its outreach efforts, the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman yesterday visited the village of Calcutta, Region 5, to address the pressing issues of its residents. During the visit, upon the request of the residents, Minister Trotman conducted a walk-through inspection of the Calcutta Dam road and identified the area for a proposed bridge to be constructed across the Belamy Canal. With the northern side lands currently being inaccessible, the bridge is expected to facilitate crossing by residents and better their daily business operations. The Minister has since indicated to the residents his interest in assisting with this, providing that that a local village contractor be selected to produce an estimate for the bridge's construction. Thereafter the Minister held a community meeting at the Calcutta Community Center, where several residents were present and raised their matters and concerns. Among these were issues relating [...]