Press Release – Continuous Strategic Stakeholders’ Consultation on the Draft Local Content Policy

Following the inaugural stakeholders’ meeting held on Monday, 15th February 2021, at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre (ACCC), the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is undertaking a series of strategic stakeholders’ consultations to advance the development of its revised draft Local Content Policy (LCP), which commences today, Wednesday, 3rd March to 19th March 2021. During this extended period of discussions, comments are welcomed regarding all matters addressed under the policy’s vision, mission, and objectives.

These strategic engagements are focused primarily on the parameters, principles and pillars of the LCP which are needed for the Government to consider in defining the participatory measures of Guyanese workers and companies, and on identifying the capacity and the competency that exist within the local markets to support the growth of the supply chain for oil and gas business development in Guyana.

The series of consultations will allow the MNR to engage public sector, private sector and civil society organizations involved in various sectors and linkages industries, with particular focus on (1) workforce enhancement such as education agencies, labour union and regulatory bodies, Tertiary, Professional and Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) providers (2) manufacturing and fabrication services (3) business development and support, (4) financing, (5) audit and accounting, (6) shipping, warehousing and onshore services (7) hospitality (8) housing and infrastructure,  (9) regional and international trade and (10) other economic sectors such as tourism, agriculture.





Ongoing consultations with NCERD, Ministry of Education, and the University of Guyana

MNR Team along with representatives of the National Accreditation Council

Presentations on the Draft Local Content Policy






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